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Apr. 15th, 2010

Breaking my unintentional journal silence to say 'oh 'eck!' the UK has been sealed off from the rest of the world as we're under a massive volcanic cloud coming down from Iceland. Everythings dull, dark, grey and the air smells weird.
Today is a very very strange day.

Hoping to get into the habbit of updating, sorry guys.


New years resolution

Update livejournal more.

Also, hope you all had a lovely christmas and wishing you all the best for the new year!

It just a game... seriously

So I get on WoW tonight as we're having a new guild pvp tourney (I don't have the time so this was a rare treat), get down to Grubashi and mess about with Adam, David and a friend, a horde undead warrior turns up, attacks me, we fight back and kill him. Apparently that made his little butt hurt so he gets his whole fucking guild down on us, a well known arena/pvp guild and yeah, just wipes our little gathering out and camps us. We have this event once a month and horde have to come along and fuck it up. And then more and more gathered... on five of us level 80's. Why? because we killed one player who attack us first, did it hurt his honor that damn much, was he crying in to his cereal that damn hard?
WTF? Does it make your dick bigger to grief a bunch of mates having a little fun?
'Real men play the Horde' my arse. I have no idea what they're trying to prove, swear to god half the pvp horde players I've come across are down right mental cases who foam when they fight. (the other half are awesomely nice people but they're few and far between)
I'm so deeply considering switching away from a pvp server because this down right obsessive 'for da horde lolololol' attitude is ruining shit for me. (also spewing 'I hate the alliance' and the afore mentioned 'for the horde' over of the comment section of someones little fan art isn't cool bro, but like I said, half of them are mental)
Excuse me, needed to vent.

In other news... I got my license and have my first driving lesson tomorrow morning!!! I'm both terrified and excited!

Oct. 27th, 2009

And thus begins the wind-up to halloween...
As usual Adam's family is having their massive huge fancy dress party so we're preparing for that. We've got our costumes sorted, Adam being his usual awkward self can't be arsed so is going as a faceless ghoul, though we did try a Spy (team fortress 2) outfit and thought about a Ghostbuster but then he couldn't be bothered to go and get a boiler suit. I found a pretty decent 'twisted' Belle from 'Beauty and the Beast' but I've got to adjust it for my abnormally thin chest and general lack of breasts. I'm also dying my fringe pumpkin orange and installing some dreads, which is the first time in nearly a year I've put them in my hair... Shoud be interesting.
Adam's family are doing the food but I'm going to do some sweets, thinking some 'spooky' halloween cupcakes and chocolate cornflake cakes because that would be delicious.
We've also drew up our halloween film list, be didn't want anything hardcore more fun and whimsical, so far we have-
  • Sleepy Hollow
  • Sweeny Todd
  • Hocus Pocus
  • Underfist: halloween bash
  • The Crow
  • Frighteners
  • Young Frankenstein
If anyone's got an suggestions to add to that list they'd be welcomed!


Oct. 26th, 2009

Oh lord, this shouldn't make me laugh as much as it does.
I bloody love those three men mammoth mounts... Or the 'special bus' as they're known in the guild.

Jojo in the stars

Been a long time since I cried after watching a film, but its been a long time since I watched something as beautiful as this.

I swear I keep meaning to update, I really do.
Just finished my most complex digital commission to date... My next one is twice as large and twice as complex but for now, I'm done.
I have tacos and chrysanthemum tea as a reward.


People in the countryside have to make their own entertainment.
Like, I dunno, extreme sheep herding?

Sep. 25th, 2009

So, went out last night on a 'ghost walk' at Grace Dieu Priory which actually was pretty eventful. People were picking up lots and lots of strange things on their cameras and hearing strange noices though all that aside it was a really pleasant night time walk through the ruins of a Tudor priory/manor. For me the major weird things that happened was when a woman on the walk who was heavily pregant (lolwtf?) entered a room where all the nuns were buried, doubles over because her baby is kicking so hard, when she leaves the area the baby settles and is calm for the rest of the night. For me personally when told to stand against a wall and try and 'pick up' past events I suddenly felt very heavy and bloated, my stomache suddenly became enlarged and all I could think was 'I'm pregant'. Of course didn't say anything ebcause who wants to shout out 'I feel a bit preggers' but then it turned out a nun had become 'with child' by a local knight and had been bricked up behind that wall and left to give birth and die. That scared me a little. A lot actually.
Also, apparently, when walking around in dark, haunted woods at night wear a black jumper with the hood up scares people... Who would have thought it?
Anyways, great night, the guides were friendy and enthuiastic and I can't wait to go on the walk again!

Also, this makes my inner history geek squeal a little, especially as its local-

Sep. 24th, 2009

I came a little... Just a little.. Ok, a lot.
Dark, vicious, bloody thirsty, warrior, DISNEY princesses? DO WANT!


So... went up to York yesterday (started out at 5am... an hour I never knew existed) to see my uncle in hospital. The heart attack wasn't as bad as they first thought but wasn't minor either and he's now free of all the machines he was hooked up to and was allowed to walk by himself to the tiolet which is a good sign. He has however had his bus driving licence taking away from him for the time being. He's still having tests but we're/they're hoping he'll be out on the weekend and back home.

Not quite so bleak now.

I have art to post but maybe do that laters or tomorrow.


My uncle is in intensive care after suffering a massive heart attack. He's only 53. Don't know how to feel.


So, just got done with a massive watercolour portrait commission, feeling the burn so I'm treating myself to a night away from anything commission, comic or fanart related and doing soon OC painting and trying some oil pastel brushes I downloaded for sai. Yes, I do know how to rock out.


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